Lonely Days

No. 40 in Top 50 Bee Gees’ Songs 1966-72

By Barry, Robin & Maurice
Lead Vocals: Barry, Robin & Maurice
Album: Two Years On 1970
Single A-side: 1970

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“The music plays so nonchalant”

Just as the Bee Gees seem to be walking away from the ‘Beatles imitators’ tag, here they are in 1970 sounding more like The Fab Four than ever. Lonely Days suggests the brothers were looking for a harder edge (that stomping chorus) but the song bears all the hallmarks of Bee Gees’ melodicism albeit in slightly pared-down form.

Something about the melody and ‘format’ of the song lack ambition and ‘Mr Sunshine’ smacks a little of unoriginality.  But when the dazed melancholy of its verse gives way to the insistence of its chorus – with Barry giving it some in the vocal department –  Lonely Days is a compelling listen.  In fact, the song just seems to get better as it goes on such that the ‘letting go’ into a foreshortened string outro leaves you wanting more.

No 39 Dearest
No 41 Lamplight


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