It’s Just the Way

No. 35 in Top 50 Bee Gees’ Songs 1966-72

Written by: Maurice Gibb
Lead Vocal: Maurice
Album: Trafalgar 1971

Embed from Getty Images


“You don’t love me anymore, then goodbye”

Just a fine, semi-acoustic ballad from Maurice, charting his feelings as his relationship with Lulu comes to an end.

Characteristically understated, he simply relates how he feels in an unadorned way, looking ahead to a future which seems bereft.  There is a wish that friendship might yet emerge from the rubble, but the closing line is the sober dawning that ‘I only know that friends can’t be lovers again’.  Bill Shepherd’s sustained closing strings (highly characteristic of Trafalgar) are a long stare towards new horizons.

On an album of extended orchestral expositions, It’s Just the Way has a refreshing simplicity and directness.

Everybody Clap Lulu’s 1971 single written by Maurice

No 34 The Change is Made
No 36 Turning Tide


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