New on Lightspots

When I began Lightspots, the focus was always going to be on 60s music but I had it in mind to move beyond that over time into related areas such as film and television, still with a retro slant.  I’ve updated my  About page to say a bit more about this.

Regulars will have already noticed a couple of recent television reviews.  Now I’d like to widen the scope to look at two overlooked 70s television series which, I hope you’ll agree, deserve a wider audience.  Hopefully you may have seen them just recently as both were released on DVD last month.  They are The Boy from Space and The Changes.

The Boy from Space

The Boy from Space is a well remembered, chilling drama from the BBC’s Look and Read series.  Although created for schools’ television, I think it stands up well as an effective piece of drama in its own right.  I’ve tried to show how some of the educational aspects, rather than detracting from the drama, actually serve it rather well.

The Changes

The Changes has been released to quite cool reviews in some quarters and clearly disappoints some who saw it in 1975 or those wanting a more action-oriented thriller.  But I think it deserves to be remembered as an ambitious piece of children’s television which resonates strongly with many key aspects of Britain in the mid-70s.

I’ve reviewed The Boy from Space this week.  The Changes will follow next Friday.  There will be two pieces on each series – one covering the DVD release and a second, much fuller article discussing each series and offering a personal perspective from this child turned adult viewer.

Rest assured that music remains the mainstay here so the next music post is just two weeks away!  There is a new page, My 60s to maintain the musical strand until then.

Have a good weekend


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