Bee Gees updates

The recent joyful flurry of Bee Gees activity on BBC Four has encouraged me to give lightspots a bit of a tidy-up in time for Christmas.

Some of the Bee Gees Top 50 sidebar links were a tad confusing – counting up rather than down – so I’ve removed them and come up with a Bee Gees Home Page instead.  This links to all Bee Gees posts and should allow for much easier navigation through the Top 50 songs.

Each Bee Gees Top 50 post now contains links to the post either side of it so you can work your way through the Top 50 on a post-by-post basis by selecting ‘next’ or ‘previous’ at the end.

I hope the changes make for a clearer, easier and more enjoyable experience.

Wishing all lightspotters a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

See you early in 2015.

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