More Bee Gees updates

Until now, almost all posts on the Bee Gees have been tagged with all three brothers’ names individually which seemed a bit pointless.

So now only posts making special mention of one of the band members are tagged by that name.  So, for example, selecting Robin Gibb in the side bar tag cloud will take you to posts on Robin’s solo material and selected Bee Gees posts which are of special relevance to him or which make special mention of him (eg. Lamplight, a Bee Gees single but crucially Robin’s song which, when relegated to a B-side, provoked his leaving the group).

Admittedly this is a more subjective way of tagging but I hope it helps identify posts which relate to Barry, Robin or Maurice in particular.  It also means their names don’t completely dominate the tag cloud, leaving more space for others!

Tagging by year and album name remains the same.

After a bit of a break, the Bee Gees Top 50 continues counting down next month.


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