Lord Bless All

No. 20 in Top 50 Bee Gees’ Songs 1966-72

By Robin Gibb
Lead Vocal: Robin 
Album: Robin’s Reign 1969

Embed from Getty Images


“When you sleep, London streets are silent”  

Coincidentally I reach this beautiful solo song of Robin’s just days before Saved by the Bell: the collected works of Robin Gibb:1969/70 is released.

Lord Bless All is a haunted three minutes.

Drum machine and orchestra feature in much of Robin’s Reign but here are silent.  Instead, we have slightly dissonant organ, a solitary, ghostly backing vocal (which sounds, unnervingly, not quite like Robin) and a somewhat tentative, never-quite-resolved melody conjuring a Wintry feel of deserted night-time streets.  From another place, the singer sends good wishes to an unnamed other asleep in this cloistered city.

Lord Bless All evokes a Dickensian mood of carols and God’s blessing at Christmas but these tokens of unity and goodwill highlight an overall bleakness.  The sense of separation is palpable.  A slightly premature ending adds to an unsettling mood.

Try listening to it on Christmas Eve.

Robin’s Reign…Plus

No 19 Trafalgar
No 21 Whisper, Whisper


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