Saved by the Bell: the collected works of Robin Gibb: 1968-70

Saved by the Bell 1968-70Amazon can do many amazing things but I didn’t know they could deliver an item even before it officially exists.  Saved by the Bell landed on my doormat on Sunday 31st May, a day before the release date.  Is this known as ‘future delivery’?

There’s such a wealth of material here it’s going to take me time to give it the listening ears it very much deserves.

Following my rather disparaging comments about the cover art, it turns out to be rather more impressive in the flesh (or in the cardboard) than on screen and makes perfect sense as a header for the plethora of (mostly) single sleeves which make up the booklet front and back covers.

That’s torn it…

Removing CDs without damaging contents often requires both manual dexterity and supreme patience.  Saved by the Bell is no exception.  The cardboard foldout cover tears all too easily if you try and prise the CDs out of their pockets.  The secret is to gently apply pressure to the top and bottom pocket allowing the disc to slide out with relative ease.

If I had put on my glasses from the start, I would have seen that 1969-70 has become 1968-70 and the title amended accordingly thanks to the late addition of six 1968 demos.  As well as being a labour of love this 3CD package represents excellent value for money.

Looking forward to hearing the complete works when back from a break.  But for now, the sunny south coast beckons…

Robin’s Reign… Plus  review of CD1

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