Recommencing countdown… Sing Slowly Sisters

Saved by the Bell 1968-70If you are have been following Top 50 Bee Gees Songs 1966-72, you might recall that the official release of the Sing Slowly Sisters sessions – along with a host of related material from 1969/70 – happened midway through our countdown.

When I first put together the Top 50, I had already heard most of the tracks which make up these sessions though sometimes in poor bootlegged quality (such as Return to Austria).  The tracks I’d not heard at all were Anywhere I Hang My Hat, Loud and Clear and the demo of Why Not Cry Together along with pretty much all of Robin’s Rarities on Disc 3.

But I’m going to continue the countdown on the basis of what I had heard when I began it, otherwise it becomes an impossible and rather meaningless task to retrospectively uproot everything.

I’m saying all this now as we reach two Sing Slowly Sisters tracks in the countdown….

All will become clearer when I post on the Saved By the Bell: Collected Works of Robin Gibb in three posts coming up shortly.  It’s taken time to digest the sheer quantity of material on offer!

For now, on with the countdown…


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