A couple of changes

Bee Gees off their cloud

You won’t see the likes of Odessa or Maurice Gibb in the tag cloud anymore as Bee Gees-related tags no longer appear there.  Given the number of posts on the group, the cloud was becoming a little Gibb-heavy so I thought it would be good to show more of a range of links to others and allow Manfred Mann, Heron and Aphrodite’s Child a share of the limelight.

For the best overview of Bee Gees content, visit the Bee Gees Home Page or choose a Category heading.  I’m still working on that Bee Gees song listing grouped by album – watch this space.

A few exceptions I’ve kept in – Sing Slowly Sisters deserves cloud inclusion because of its currency following the sessions’ release earlier this year and Hudson Fallen Wind is just such an obscure odyssey of a song how can you overlook it?

The definite article

Anyone who really pays attention to detail and who is as much a pedant for these things as I am, may notice the word ‘the’ has disappeared from tags such as (The) Casuals (The) Boy from Space etc.  This means all tags beginning with ‘the’ no longer congregate together in the cloud and hopefully stand out rather more now spread out.  I think you get ‘the’ idea.

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