The Tyranny of Pop

Tyranny of Pop

Being forced to listen to endless pop in pubs and restaurants…

In Friday’s A Point of View Roger Scruton said it a lot better than I ever could but then unfortunately he goes on to say a host of other things besides, like the old fogey’s dislike of ‘like‘ – like it’s a symptom of short attention spans amongst young people (I suspect it is more a slightly staged expression of stunned inarticulacy in the face of something deemed really amazing, to get the sheer awesomeness across).

More importantly I don’t agree with his implied narrowing of the musical canon to Bach, Beethoven and Brahms – otherwise why would anyone ever try to write, let alone listen to, anything else?  His theory on ‘the vast change in the human ear brought about by the mass production of sound’ is a genuinely interesting one though.

It seems strange for a blog ostensibly about ‘pop music’ to link to a Point of View that is pretty much down on all pop music.  But I would estimate I don’t like 95% of all pop ever produced  – a foolish claim, I know, since I haven’t heard even 50% of it but in a way, that’s my point.  There’s just too much of the stuff.  Everywhere.  And we have it inflicted on us whether we like it or not.

Right on Roger!

A Point of View • tx.13.11.15. 8.50-9.00pm /15.11.15. 8.48-9.48am • BBC Radio 4

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Music to Eat Food By

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