Do you remember the 60s?

I had barely started school by the end of the decade but I feel I have absorbed the sounds that were all around me.  60s music has always felt like a part of my life.

Gosden Hill Road, me and Kim back garden slight edit

The Left Banke, Donovan, Honeybus, Curt Boettcher… this blog is a critical appreciation of what this gentle, thoughtful, lyrical music meant to me then and what it means now.  I tend to like the baroque/chamber pop side of things but you’ll also find posts on Tony Hatch, Heron, Manfred Mann  and plenty on the Bee Gees.

When I started lightspots over two and a half years ago, its brief was mainly a musical one.  But it doesn’t always make sense to draw a definite line in the sand and never stray beyond that.  So from time to time I also take in toys, food, television – of the 60s, early 70s, maybe a little before and after that too.

I’m aiming to post at least twice monthly, usually on a Friday.

Why lightspots?  Well, it’s a neat reversal of spotlights.  lightspots reminds me of the old ATV ident and television music shows from the era.  And I like the way the words go together.

Comments on individual posts are welcome.  I’ll do my very best to reply.

If you see anything which you feel shouldn’t be here for copyright reasons, please contact me and I will take it down.

Welcome to Lightspots!

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