Now We are Ten

Now we are TenOh Basil!  “Sitting secretly by myself … “ (Sometimes I sit and sharpen pencils all night long).   See the branches and open skies where the strings are in the wires… ‘Wish You a Wish.’   

This Year  Next Year  Sometime  Never …  “SAY IT!”

A big shiver, woah! there’s something in the air…  thoughts ringing in the trees, blurred.  Feel the drum’s hard edge.  A school’s interval or a walk in the woods.  Hey!  Which TV channel is that?

Here he comes with educational aids and AV resources… speaking the forgotten language of classroom jazz. It’s  Project Time: OwlHolland.  Tomorrow, bring some Edam if you can.  AlphaBeta.  A1.  But I dream of birds flying.  There are so many birds all soft and purple like suede boots – sugar-paper birds, fuzzy-felt birds.  I want to undo their paper-clip wings but their feathers will all fall off.

Clump, drip, clump, drip!  But it’s alright we’re safe here.

Space cuckoos do the moonwalk.

scan0017Add up, take away: do your sums!

You’re the girl with the harp, you’re a ghost glissandi.  Still air and sunlight, eyes opened wide and a very long dress because today is special.  You step out from behind the grey curtain and switch on the light.  You have a halo.  You’re an angel.  I’m suddenly uncertain.

Old, so old but here and now.  Seeing my eyes through tiffany glass.  Milk bottle tops make up a fish.  Can you see through the mouth bit? 

The trees are changing shape and I’m tired…Red tree

⊗Timex!  Or Jonny says Timsesex!  Clockwork catalogue people ⊗

Oh this is “Spring”… only a minute to go… we sit and watch the clock disappear into blue.

Singing mouths without faces… like the circles that you find… 

They glow though.

Wheeling.  Reeling.   The hills are alive.   A beautiful Northern Song.  

I shiver again.



70s green and gold star70s green and gold star70s green and gold star70s green and gold star70s green and gold star70s green and gold star

Indoors, afternoons into evening… 

Like an After Eight mint.  Finger buffet.  Eyes over glasses.  A rumble and scratch cocktail suite.

 =so=phis=ti= ca=ted=

Dark choklet squares lined up on the sideboard.  Wine and cheese – say “Cheeeese!!”, well alright don’t.   Sherry?  “Can I stay up?”   Questions hang in the air.    I don’t know what they’re talking about …

Over the tops of the banisters.  I switch the light on and off and make a drill appear on TV  -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_

♥ I look at you.  You’re really dreamy today ♥

This is funny.  But I don’t like it.

It’s woods but it’s a church too.  

Stroll out.  

Fan out. 

Get lost – no not like that.

It’s all about old film people and there’s Windy- you know, the Today music.  They never sing baa anymore do they?  

Or buddle.

Hey there, Georgy Girl…  that was on TV once.

Join up the dots.  Make me a picture.  Could be the bridge over the river. .. Nonsuch park.  Nosuch park. OUR PARK.

Nonsuch Park 1972

Silly silly.  Is that Peter Fen?  No I don’t think so.  It’s Seeing and Doing with Clare Woolford.  They’re doing Switzerland  – again!  We did this last term.  All that yodeling and cuckooing.

Funny old frogs and whistling whippets.

Burpy or worsey.  I saw-a-saxophone: in-half.

Bright’s Boffins?  Laurel and Hardy?   Or  Mrs Arkwright played by Thora Hird.

It’s Potty Time.   3…2… 1…