Paul Jones: And the Sun Will Shine

Reminded of another Bee Gees’ cover version thanks to this morning’s Sounds of the 60sPaul Jones’ 1968 single A-side And the Sun Will Shine.

This is one of my favourite Gibb compositions with a unique emotional atmosphere – when performed by the brothers.

Unfortunately, despite boasting an A-list line-up of Paul McCartney on drums, Jeff Beck on guitar, Paul Samwell-Smith on bass and Nicky Hopkins on keyboards there isn’t much of an emotional atmosphere to be had here, except a rather over-egged febrile one.

After a nice hymnal introduction, Peter Asher’s production neither enhances the song nor shows off the talents of its musicians.  Paul Jones’ commanding voice conveys an unwarranted urgency better suited to his messianic Privilege role.  The verses are needlessly shortened to the song’s detriment.  Overall it’s a messy mish-mash which surely pleased no one (the single wasn’t a hit).

Better head for the B-side, Paul Jones’ own song The Dog Presides if it’s stellar blues rock you’re after or for the definitive version of a fine song, the Bee Gees’ own on Horizontal.

Followers of  Bee Gees Top 50 Songs 1966-72  may have correctly guessed that And the Sun Will Shine will make a highly placed appearance before too long!

Have a good Easter weekend.