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In Life with the Bee Gees I explain what this band have meant to me over the years and why they are so underrated.

Album reviews

Bee Gees 1st
Cucumber Castle
2 Years On
To Whom It May Concern

Life In a Tin Can

A Kick in the Head is worth Eight in the Pants

Bee Gees Top 50 Songs 1966-72



50  Everybody Clap
49  Who Knows What a Room Is
48  I Lay Down and Die
47  Please Read Me
46  I Can’t See Nobody
45  I Laugh In Your Face
44  Horizontal
43  I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You
42  Alive
41  Lamplight


40  Lonely Days
39  Dearest
38  Paper Maché, Cabbages and Kings
37  Hudson Fallen Wind
36  Turning Tide
35  It’s Just the Way
34  The Change is Made
33  Bad Bad Dreams
32  You’ll Never See My Face Again
31  Turn of the Century


30  Suddenly
29  If Only I Had My Mind on Something Else
28  Black Diamond
27  The Sound of Love
26  Cold Be My Days
25  Idea
24  Jumbo
23  Cowman Milk Your Cow
22  New York Mining Disaster 1941
21  Whisper, Whisper


20  Lord Bless All
19  Trafalgar
18  World
17  Kilburn Towers
16  Sing Slowly Sisters
15  C’est la Vie, Au Revoir
14  Walking Back to Waterloo
13  Lemons Never Forget
12  Holiday
11  Day Time Girl


10  Birdie
  9  Red Chair Fade Away
  8  Odessa (City on the Black Sea)
  7  Really and Sincerely
  6  Gilbert Green
  5  Swan Song
  4  To Love Somebody
  3  And the Sun Will Shine
  2  Morning of My Life (In the Morning) – 1966 version
  1  I Started a Joke

Not in the Top 50

Why Massachusetts, Words and First of May are not in the Top 50

First of May

and nor is

Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You

Top 50 bubbling under

In My Own Time
One Minute Woman
How Can You Mend a Broken Heart


More Bee Gees’ posts

The Bee Gees at the BBC…and Beyond
The Joy of the Bee Gees
Paul Nicolas’s cover of Holiday
Recommencing countdown… Sing Slowly Sisters
Bee Gees’ covers: Three in a Row
Paul Jones: And the Sun Will Shine
Another Cold and Windy Day
Odessa – unlistenable?

Solo Robin 

Saved by the Bell: the Collected Works of Robin Gibb: 1969-70
Overview of the prototype 2015 3CD Rhino release

Saved by the Bell: the Collected Works of Robin Gibb: 1968-70 
Overview of the actual 2015 3CD Rhino release

Robin’s Reign… Plus
Review of Robin’s solo album plus related tracks on Saved by the Bell, Rhino release CD1

Sing Slowly Sisters Sessions
Review of Saved By the Bell, Rhino release CD2

Robin’s Rarities 
Review of Saved By the Bell, Rhino release CD3

Lord Bless All on Christmas Eve

See also Robin’s solo entries in Top 50 above – #26, #20, #16, #15


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