Bee Gees Top 50, 1966-72

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Before we begin, just a word about the selections:  choices are drawn from the Bee Gees’ internationally released output recorded 1967-72 (namely eight albums and attendant single A and B-sides), all the material released as part of the Rhino re-issues, Barry, Maurice and Robin’s 1969-70 solo output, material they wrote for others and various unreleased songs as I have discovered them online.  I certainly don’t pretend to have heard everything.

I chose 1966-72 as defining years because they roughly coincide with the era I’m most interested in and so as to span both the ‘psychedelic’ and ‘ballad’ periods.  I freely admit to stretching the starting year back by one to 1966 so as to include a particular favourite (bloggers can do things like that).  By 1972, I mean the complete recorded output of that year which ends with the first ten tracks of A Kick in the Head is Worth Two in the Pants (as shown in Bee Gees: Day-by-Day Story, 1945-1972).

I have opted for a chart-based countdown as a straightforward way of talking about what I like and why and maybe even stimulating some debate!

Commencing countdown…


Bee Gees’ Home Page  enables easy navigation through the Top 50
Life with the Bee Gees


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